For anyone who’s spent time on Instagram, it’s no secret that you can find all kinds of different muses, fan pages, and general content. To be ‘worthy’ of a couple likes here and there would constitute that you are showing some type of appreciation for the users dashboard. But a follow, is showing that you are at least interested enough to see their content.

I happened to stumble upon @mikeykravitz while researching for different style-minded individuals who really made me feel the authenticity and truth in their work.

It’s an honor to say, that this artist has talent that is far beyond measure. He brings heat and thunder to his art and it is captivating in beauty.

So many different components to even touch on.

Structure, emotion, and a vibe that is one of a kind come to mind. Paying close attention to the detail in each composition is what made everything stand out. There is honesty and depth that gives him the right to truly express himself in each fashion piece. His wardrobe compliments his dark skin tone and gives each post its own timeless power. An artist in their true element is what makes for priceless art.

Those of us who ‘dress nice’ are individuals who are confident in what they wear, no matter who it pleases/displeases. As the saying goes “when you look your best, you feel your best” and this artist has partnered with photographers

from New York to Miami to capture him in some of the most spellbinding work I have ever come across.

A prime example of an artist who is beyond his time and needs to scream it from the rooftops. Expect the truth with him. I decided to reach out and draft this article to showcase an artist that is going to be a titan in his industry. There is vital importance in supporting the talent of our peers. And I am in support of @mikeykravitz 100% as he continues to grow on his artistic voyage.

I write to those who choose to read to say; follow what pushes you. True talent lies in the artist who doesn’t get swept up in the fear of being raw. Diligence in the craft shows character in your work, and that says something that is worth more than anything.


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