A Word to Creative Entrepreneurs about keeping cucumber cool in pursuit of that vision!

When you face any situation or task head-on, it can feel overwhelming to tackle certain feats depending on its stage and your work ethic- which can lead to what we call “stress”.  Often times, the word itself hits the ear as “troublesome”, and when we hear it, we run to a situation that has intensified enough to your pressure points. Heart rates increase to make sounds outside of your chest and your break into sweats. Maybe it has become too much? What really is stopping you from being your best self? This becomes a natural response as stress affects said response and other factors that can increase one’s risk of getting heart disease or create spaces of abnormal social paranoia. It may sound intimidating, but what if stress can be used for good?

Think of this. You are able to energize your thoughts in preparation for anything life can throw your way. When you take on a tensioned situation it is helpful to enlighten your mind into knowing what you can do, and just doing it. Small steps turn into longer runs. Until it becomes naturally manageable. To help, here are 5 ways to debunk stress and power through the day:

1.“I can..and I will.”  

Every day is just another window of opportunity. It may not work out right this second, and it may be easier to just quit and move on. At that moment it is vital to train yourself to stand up to your doubts and embrace the challenge. Stay strong and willful that you will make it- and then get to work.

2. Speak your dream. Over and over again.

This may take tedious amounts of bundled tasks or joy-less assignments in your career, but holding this ground keeps you from being lost in the breeze. Sure you can be comfortable, but try avoiding becoming stagnant by avoiding change. There is far more fulfillment in getting better at your craft than there is in taking it for granted.

3. Find others that you care about and that can help in your elevation.

There is a great many of us that have different stressors that affect our mood, social behavior, and ability to live a healthier life. Our bodies naturally help us relieve stress, but often times it takes real sound advice or the support of others to help. Take the time to breathe and speak with your closest loved ones, friends and colleagues on your struggles. Even a little guidance or general conversation may go a long way.

4. All of this is worth it, and you are on the right path.

Having faith in what you can do, starts with you. Start to tell yourself that nothing is impossible. We all have the potential to be the best versions of ourselves with motivation and tremendous focus.

5. Open yourself to new challenges, mindsets, and ventures.

Learn a different language. Change jobs. Move across the country. Reach a bit outside of your comfort zone from time to time and the rewards will be monumental. Exposing yourself to new experiences can help build confidence in yourself to lower stress levels, making it easier to deal with.

Transform stress into a development tool to your benefit and you will soon notice a difference in mood, work ethic, and a strengthened sense of resilience in life altogether.  

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