#BlackHistoryIsNow grows deeper roots with the Black Female Creatives Initiative fountain of creativity

In a creative collective- inspired persons producers to musicians (and all the components of a freelance or private creative team) work together to celebrate and showcase the creative endeavour. Through platforms such as Facebook, Spotify, and Tidal artists are able to not only manage their fast-paced careers, but also to drive some much need conversations that pushes for social change.

A #BlackHistoryIsNow takeover is underway by powerhouse influencer and designer Pharrell Williams who has set out to work with Spotify to highlight the achievements of African-Americans and really give continuously growing generations the push to be great- in whatever capacity that may be.

The goal is aimed in the celebration of countless triumphs of African Amercian’s through the power of music, podcasts and correlating videos- bringing year-round exposure and updated content guided by Pharrell and his ‘visionary-like’ approach.

Pharrell’s expert-production knowledge will be tested and he will take lead into showing us truly authentic black culture by dropping three original videos titled “Pharrell Is Black History”, “A Very Serious Force”, and “Something Awakening”. The trio-package (directed by Paul Hunter) will be exclusive to the Spotify platform and marketing leaders are hoping that the experience will bring awareness and education to the unforgettable accomplishments of African Americans.

“I think that what’s going to save not only this country but save the world are the Gen Z’ers, the Millennials, and the women,”

Pharrell Williams

This quote seems to have definitely motivated the streaming​ giant to fully support and fund the black creative community, with emphasis on black female creators with the theme that “black women are a very serious force”.

Check out the video “A Very Serious Force” right here and be sure to continue to follow Spotify’s content for Black History Is Happening Now. 

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