To say that colored skin is beautiful is a fact all it’s own- but it is all too real and apparent in our current society how much of a struggle dark skin can be in social encounters, political respects, and lifestyle treatments involving hair texture appropriation and range of skin care options.

Often times we look to current social media trends and active pages for answers, only to find that most comments and views towards dark skin tones are painted as “negative” or “undesired”. And most of us can agree that the fight will be long for people of color to change the narrative on those views to represented models of proud persons of color.Right in the knick of time however, we have southern Sudanese Queens like Nyakim Gatwech that bares their dark skin in all its iridescence to empower others to feel just as radiant- even when we begin to question if it is even worth the battle.

After admitting to being bullied for being “too black” the now 24 year old Minnesota based Sudanese model has come forward with her account on how she reached her level of confidence.

In a post she tells us her experience with an Uber driver whom asked if she’d ever consider bleaching her much-darker-toned skin for $10,000. $10,000- just for her to be a completely different person. Gatwech goes on in depth for the remarks to exchange her own opinion:

“He said,  “Wow, you’re dark,” Gatwech says.“I’m like, “Yeah, I know.’…..I can tell when somebody has never seen a Sudanese person before, somebody as dark as me.”

The model speaks out on her page queennyakimofficial to say:

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MELANIN MONDAY🍫🍫👸🏿👸🏿🖤 Dear my moonshine dark skin, sun kissed complexion, burn skin or whatever they might call you, You are beyond beautiful and the love I have for is unconditional because you are me. you represent me and I represent you and let show the world how beautiful and intelligent we are apart from just being dark skin, because we are more than what this Society think of our dark skin let stand up for those who can't. Let's speak up those who can't. And stay beautiful while doing it❤️❤️🖤🖤 📸 @piokky 👙 @miss__aude @audeswim 💄 @queenkim_nyakim Model @queenkim_nyakim #saynotoskinbleaching☝😖 #slefloveisthebestlove #melaninpoppin🍫❤️✨ #nubianqueen👌🏿👸🏿 #queenofdark🍫🖤👸🏿 #melaningoddess👑🍫 #southsudanesebeauty🇸🇸🇸🇸😍😍🙌🏿 #blackgirlmagic💫✨ #nuerbeauty😍😍🙌🏿🙌🏿 #confideniskey❤️ #africanqueen👸🏿 #longlegadontcare❤️

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Since that day Gatwech has garnered attention for her part in “Different Melanin” where she continued to share that golden black magic with three other models of varying shades of brown skin. After posting other pictures with other Sudanese friends she received a significant amount of supportive traction from the viral snap- instantly making her and her “too black” skin nationally sought after by campaigned brands such as Aldo and Cosmopolitan.

With her title as “Queen of Dark Chocolate” the queen shares captivating fashion edits on her Instagram page @queennyakimofficial for heaping amounts of melanin beauty with pops of energetic bright accents that further highlight her tone and plenty of Sudanese printed fabrics that reach back to the model’s heritage.


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