Flawless.Fab in Miami For Art Basel 2019

When: Dec 5th to the 8th 2019

Show Date: Saturday Dec. 7th – At the Breakwater

Show Time: 5pm – 9 pm

Theme: Springtime in December

FLAWLESS.FAB presents “Springtime in December” during Art Basel Miami 2019.

South Beach, on the main strip, Flawless.Fab offers our iconic showcase of Emerging Excellence in Fashion, The Arts & Music, and Beauty. Flawless.Fab is an exciting, immersive, one-of-a-kind, multifaceted Fashion / Arts show and competition.

*Early bird Designer/Brands/Vendors: $300 for showcase includes the following:

*Early Bird Due by July 7th 2019 * Payment Plan Available

 (See add-ons further down)

  • Full Participation in Show
  • Photoshoot & Video shoot coverage of event.
  • Full Coverage and mention in all Media outlets including Flawless.Fab Online
  • Monthly Social Media and Website Promotion (4 Websites & 3 Social Media Accounts)
  • Step and Repeat with brand name and logo displayed prominently at the event for guests to be photographed with.
  • Your printed materials and promotional items placed in each swag bag.
  • Company name and logo on all event-related printed materials.
  • ¼ page ad. and Profile in Flawless.Fab the Magazine.
  • Exhibit Space during Day Expo
  • Tickets to Wrap-up party

Casted Models & Performers Free


  • Full Participation in Show
  • Photoshoot & Video shoot of event.
  • Coverage and mention on Flawless.Fab Online.
  • Profile in Flawless.Fab- the Magazine.

Optional Add-ons: $300 (Total Cost excluding Airfare but Including:

*Early Bird Due by July 7th 2019 * Payment Plan Available

Accommodation (3 nights at our Brand house ) & One Meal per Day

Culture Group Excursion (2019 Art Shows)

Free Tickets to the most Instagrammable Wrap-up Pool Party in Miami

Flawless.Fab 2017

Here’s the Breakdown

  • During the day, emerging brands within our key categories connect and present their businesses to the general public with both local and international media covering their various products and services. This offers small creative entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase in the limelight, which many times is a difficult task without large marketing budgets.
  • At the evening showcase, specially invited guests are introduced to fantastic talent in contemporary and traditional art, fashion, and music and introduced to the best emerging brands over the course of the evening curated by Creative Entrepreneurship Consultant and Coach Jeremy Davis.
  • At the party, everyone who enjoyed the showcase are invited to stay to make connections and network.