My guru is four years old. She is my niece Anais, and says profound things in the simplest ways. Her innocence is the perfect vessel, making her teachings unexpected and easily digestible. Today we spoke about Life.

She asked me if Life lived in the brain. I’ve been reading 12 Rules For Life by the controversial but popular Psychologist, Jordan Peterson. The brain is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. How it governs and monitors the entire body. How the subconscience and the active mind can be at conflict; so you think you have one opinion, but you actually believe in the opposite too. How at any moment in time, we can be receiving information, while our bodies are operating another task. The brain does so much. Our whole life is in this brain, I’ve been thinking. So I say “Yes” to her. “Yes, life is in the brain.”

She replied “Then Life must be in everything.”

Again, I had to agree. Following my thought patterns about the limitlessness of an individual brain, I saw what she saw. If Life is in the brain, then Life is in everything.

“Is Life in my hair?”


“And Life is in the Sun?”

“Yes. It’s how we’re all connected. You are right. Life is in everything.”

“Is life in my poop!” She laughed. At four years old, it always boils down to poop, doesn’t it? But after a good laugh between us, I told her Yes again. Life in fact is in her poop.

Life essentially is energy, and it moves through everything that exists. The same energy that runs from the sun, fuels our brains and passes through us in excrement which then feeds the earth that orbits the sun. My guru had simply connected the vast universe to microscopic bacteria in a few steps.

So what does all of this have to do with Social Media? Someone once said it so succinctly, “Social Media is an energy exchange. No wonder you’re so tired.”

If Energy or Life is in everything, we need to be aware of where we are transferring ours. We need to see that the exchange is balanced and that we are not being depleted. What exchange are you engaging in on social media?

Think about who you’re following and how you interact. Are you mindlessly scrolling for hours, or are you specifically engaging with uplifting information only? Are you baited to click celebrity gossip? Are you reading troll comments? Are you counting likes and lost followers? How do these actions weigh in terms of you being fed, or you feeding energy.

Also, think about time. How much time are you spending zoned in to your devices? How many minutes are spent checking notifications, and responding to small talk?

I recently deleted my social media apps from my phone, and use the desktop versions if I need to check something specific. The desktop interface is a little less addictive in its inconvenience, so I do what I came to do, and leave. The result has been less anxiety, and so much more time! It makes me wonder about how much energy I was really giving to it before.

Some suggestions to ensure you have a balanced exchange would be to put a timer on every time you go on to social media, and set a reasonable limit. Accumulatively, you should not be spending more than 15 minutes per day. Another tip, would be to mute any accounts immediately if you feel triggered to anxiety, anger or any negative emotion when you come upon a post from them. If it’s an account you are fine to Unfollow without causing any offense or drama, by all means Unfollow. My final suggestion would be to ask yourself before posting anything, why you want to share it, and who you would like to see it. Many times it would be more valuable to share with that person directly when you meet up, or through a more intimate sharing portal such as a text message. Being selective about what you share and with whom, is very important if you want to conserve your energy.

I guess it’s then even deeper than just preserving and conserving your energy so you have more of it to perform other tasks. Since my own social media break, I find myself able to read more and stay up later doing more productive things. I feel to exercise more and socialize more. It has also been about protecting my energy. I simply feel more positive and lighter without the weight of so many people’s lives at my fingertips and in front of my eyes all the time. It adds up. As my niece said, life is in everything, so be mindful of how you spend yours.

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