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NUMBER THREE! Flawless.Fab is the bible of (AND FOR) emerging fashion, arts and music, and beauty creatives. By now, that is simply a factual statement. …and by now, I’ve changed my title… a couple times. And as much as I would like to take more photos myself, and write more articles, we’re growing… and these guys are good! Real Good! There are some editorials in here that’ll give Vogue a Run for their Money! And I mean that! I am now simply… THE PUBLISHER!

It almost sounds epic, like I’m a Stan Lee character, RIP to the genius. So what will we do now that our team is establishing a flow in the space? Well, as the great one Ciara sang – “Level up!” of course.

Managing your creative journey is all about growth. Every time we master a section, we push… just a bit more, and really that’s the example we love setting. As a reminder, our platform is where our tribe can be showcased to the world. We love featuring new talent, but we also want to make sure that Talent is Flawless! 2019 IS THE YEAR OF MORE PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS.

Karma recently released her Banger!

So, let’s connect. For brands and businesses seeking to connect with an engaged audience of emerging Creative Entrepreneurs, I encourage you to link up with our systems. Book some time to chat. ClICK HERE TO PITCH A FEATURE IN THE MAGAZINE. Showcase at an event we produce. We’d love to support your brand’s growth and development. So end the words of The Publisher.

I say- It doesn’t take much… Just a few sleepless nights, and a little bit of willpower!

Welcome home!

– Jeremy Davis


Jeremy Davis is the Founder. He enjoys traveling to far-off and distant places and trying the cuisine while getting to know the locals. He founded Flawless.Fab to showcase emerging Creatives in Fashion. Arts&Music. and Beauty.

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