It’s been a week since the first STASH comedy show of 2019 and I’m still reliving the fun of it looking over the photos from the night. It may be a new year, but this past Wednesday night at BK9 produced more of the same good vibes anyone who has gone to the show comes to expect.

For three years now, STASH has been delivering the laughs while at the same time providing a reminiscent, familiar feeling of a part of Brooklyn that natives like myself have recently been missing. Each Wednesday night, the room in the basement of a Caribbean restaurant in Park Slope has been a place where comics can come and work out their jokes to a packed house, and a place where fans of comedy can come to have a good time–knowing that the show is always a safe bet to be entertained.

STASH gets its name from its hosts Stephon Bishop and Ashley King, who open each show interacting with each other and the audience, setting the tone for a light-hearted and hilarious night out. Stephon and Ash compliment each other well as hosts, with Stephon often filling the room with his jovial, high-energied spirit, and Ash providing a cutting contrast in his slightly more reserved style of delivering his punches. All in all, the back and forths between Stephon and Ash, and the pair and the audience establish an ideal level of levity and comfortability for those in attendance to be primed for an awesome show. Whether you’re a regular or it’s your first time there, throughout the night you feel like a part of a larger family laughing and having fun together.

That family feel is no accident. STASH itself has always been more than a comedy show–it’s a team, a network. While Stephon and Ash do their thing on stage, they have a whole team of friends behind the scenes working together to help with setting up, seating, and other logistics that make the show run so smoothly. From my experience taking photos for the show, I can say first hand that the whole team’s focus on the common goal of producing a dope show for people to enjoy is a huge reason for why it’s so successful at not only making you laugh, but making you as an audience member feel included in the family. Stephon, Ash, and the whole STASH team make sure that the people who come out to see them and support them feel welcomed and valued. It’s that feeling, paired with a night full of laughs, that makes people love coming back each month.

Freddy Sheffield, Domo Jones, Jax Dell’Osso, Stephon Bishop, Marlon “MJB” Jean-Baptiste and Ashley King pose for a selfie after a show

While the comedy show is what the STASH comedy network is most known for at the moment, I took some time to sit and eat with Stephon and Ash at BK9 and talk about other projects they’ve been working on. They are currently producing episodes of their new podcast, “In The Stash” that will be released soon, and are also working on developing a web series. In March, they plan on producing a Women’s History Appreciation Week, in which they’ll produce a week’s worth of shows at BK9 highlighting women in comedy. To be completely honest, when they told me about this I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to pull something so big off just yet, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can stay tuned and see for yourself by following them on social media on Facebook and on Instagram @stashcomedynetwork.


Brooklyn native JT Anderson got his start in comedy in 2015 after taking a year off from Colgate University. He went back to school the next year and with help from his peers started Colgate Stand Up, the first and only stand up comedy club at the school, which has since went on to host headlining comedians Michelle Wolf, Melissa Villaseñor, Mikey Day, among others. With his experience being president of the club, JT knew he wanted to be involved in comedy in various capacities after graduating school in 2017. Now, in addition to doing stand up, he works in New York City as a show photographer, videographer, and show producer. You can follow him and his awesome comedy photography on Instagram @jtcanshoot.

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