Sinister Monopoly is a captivating Painter and Artist.  He is shaking up the industry with his incredible back story. Because of his life as one of America’s biggest marijuana drug dealers, the Feds tracked him for approximately two years. Now, unbelievably, he is quickly becoming considered as the future of pop art and is an incredible street artist.

Flawless.Fab Art was incredibly honored to chat with Jason, shortly after his release  and Flawless.Fab Art is looking forward to working with, and showcasing this amazing creative! 

After being apprehended and sentenced to Federal Prison, Jason spent eleven years four months.  While at Terminal Island Federal Prison he spent his years painting on canvas seven days a week.  Here is some of his work

Creating a painting style that is becoming the new sensation in the art world.  With his recent video released about his once life as Americans biggest weed dealer recently released “Fresh Out With Big Herc.” “The Kush Chronicles”,  Sinister Monopoly is OUT & BUZZING with talks of his story becoming a movie or Netflix series.  Flawless.Fab is the first magazine to break this remarkable story! 


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