Some people think relaxation helps spark creativity. Do you? Flawless.Fab Beauty ambassadors Mosiah and Ann#flawlessfabbeauty spend the day at Spa Castle in New York to explore this hypothesis. Below are their reviews:

Mosiah’s Review

The spa day at spa castle was great. From the moment we arrived till the moment we left was perfect. The staff treated us with the utmost respect they made us feel welcome, comfortable and definitely relaxed. After the Korean inspired lunch, I had an aroma oil full body massage. The masseuse really helped me loosen my muscles ease my mind and fully take advantage of an R&R (rest & relaxation) day, which is very important. Most of the time we are so wrapped up in our daily routines we forget to sit back and just relax not just physically but mentally as well. It’s important that every now and then we take time out to recharge our energy.

After the massage, I took advantage of the various different saunas and ice rooms that were available. Each sauna has a different setting and theme. From the salt room to the sauna with infrared rays there are maybe different options to keep you occupied. One of the best parts of the day was the fresh smoothie from the juice bar. All of their fruits are carefully hand-picked and delicious.

Ann’s Review

I got the pleasure of going to Spa Castle to experience a few hours of just relaxation. When i first came in, I was greeted by a wonderful staff member who took me to the locker area to get me cozy and comfortable. After struggling to find my locker for a few minutes and changing into a robe and slippers, we were lead into the main area where the food court and sauna area was located. Before eating, the team and I booked spa appointments. I decided to go with the Korean Scrub (K-Scrub). After eating a delicious Korean dish, bimbimbap, it was time for the Korean Scrub. I did not know what to expect but proceeded down the soothing hallways and into the room where i was going to receive the scrub. The scrub was an exfoliation of the entire body and I felt cleaner than I would have been if I tried to get the same results in the shower. The scrub was followed by a bubble bath and a fruit smoothie that included papaya and pineapple smoothie. It was a wonderful experience being able to spend time at Spa Castle.


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