When did you realize you could really invest yourself in reporting on fashion?

It was after the Harvey Weinstein scandal shook Hollywood and trickled down to other industries as well, including fashion. Multiple longtime, famous fashion photographers got fired. There was press on that, it was newsworthy. But after reading a lot and doing my research, I realized that something was missing— which was the lack of reporting on the fashion industry as a whole. While most industries are covered by a pool of reporters, fashion is not. There are plenty of fashion writers, who cover the trends and colors of the season, but not fashion journalists who investigate the industry. Sure, there’s an excellent publication, such as Business of Fashion or British Vogue and a few well-known writers, but that’s not enough. That realization bothered me and made me restless to act because there is so much to cover in this industry: from garment workers dying abroad for fast fashion to models being abused here in the U.S. Many of these problems have persisted for decades, like open secrets.

I was curious to find out more and start a conversation, so  first, I actually started reaching out to models via Instagram. Conversations ranged from body image issues to them being sexually assaulted in the field. I didn’t have to worry about finding a platform where I could share their stories, as I already had my own— The Urban Watch Magazine. Some time later, Mike, the founder of Promo Magazine, noticed my content and reached out to me via Instagram. He liked my idea about the changemakers and problems in the fashion industry and that’s how this collaboration started cooking.

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– Jeremy Davis
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