Journalist Demi Vitkute saw a gap in reporting on fashion and now she’s doing her best to change that. Together with her online magazine The Urban Watch, she’s joining forces with print & digital Promo Magazine and will be writing a series of articles on change makers and problems in the fashion industry. That’s one collaboration that we are super excited about!

We sat down with Demi to talk about how she started out, the challenges she faced and future plans.

Demi, how did you become interested in fashion?

My mom is a textile engineer so from a young age I was introduced to the heart of fashion: fabric for clothing. She took me to many textile fairs and events—in Paris, Milan, Munich, Moscow… I remember at Premiere Vision in Paris I was in awe with the bursting creativity, trends and colors of couple years ahead, and the designers who came to pick the fabrics for their new collections.

But I was always a writer and never imagined getting involved in the fashion world professionally. It wasn’t until recently that I fell into it. An editor commissioned me last minute to do a piece on the best New York Fashion Week parties. I hadn’t even registered as press for NYFW and at the time, for a few months,  I was living in Washington, D.C. The editor really wanted me to write it so I took the gig. It was the most fun, exciting and adventurous weekend I’ve ever had, and also exhausting as I didn’t get any sleep and was still editing the article at night on my way back to D.C. At the time, I thought it was a little bit funny, that me, a Columbia Journalism Graduate would cover NYFW parties— where’s the “impact” right? There’s no shame though, you should grab every opportunity that comes your way. And hey, I didn’t know back then that it would lead me to where I am today…

I think the perception that people have about the fashion industry being “shallow” is part of the problem—even though we’ve heard that already from people such as Anna Wintour and Alexa Chung. The editor liked my first feature and hired me to do more articles, the invites to NYFW started landing in my inbox and that’s how the fashion world slowly sucked me in.

It was definitely intimidating to attend my first shows—everyone looked so cool. I thought that it would feel like an episode from Mean Girls, but it was nothing like that. I was charmed by people’s creativity, friendliness and ideas, and was surprised how much alike we all were— editors, stylists, models, etc. The people from the NYFW community have become my close friends.

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