Last year was a busy year for LA-based, singer-songwriter Julia Ryan, and the momentum has seemed to take a slow-motion turn in bringing out elements such as inner peace, and that special type of confidence one gets in knowing their own worth.
Julia Ryan Sings Slow it Down Acoustic
The jazzy-true to heart tune explores what it’s like to fall-in-love fast against the fear of searching for love in other places except where it matters most- with you. Clear in mind about who you are and what you want are key lyrics that seem to blend through analogies of feeling down in calmer skies and finally realizing how difficult loving yourself can truly be. She breaks apart the expectation of throwing stones in ponds and catching love in the wake, expressing that deep understanding that self-love is the best love to know.
Originally debuting as “What you Want (Slow It Down) on Soundcloud in 2016, the vocalist decided it was time to re-record the song in its new highlight as “Slow It Down”- reminiscent of her stellar performance of the song at the USC Popular Music Senior showcase back in March 2017.
The singer noted elements of the track  in a statement:
“I wrote this song about manifesting self-love before giving a piece of that love to someone important. This song is about somebody who wants so badly to fall in love and who desperately seeks a significant other to give their love to, that they forget about giving themself some love. I strongly believe self-love is so important no matter who you are, what you do, and whom you choose to pass your love along to. You can only give your full heart to someone when you know your own inner love. Self-love isn’t a huge ego, vanity or arrogance. It’s an inner peace that comes from being okay with who you are no matter your mistakes and forgiving yourself. So to everyone out there looking to fall in love, slow it down because you must create your own love from within before you can pass it on to someone special.”
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Set to drop on August 31st, the new single is reportedly to sit on her forthcoming debut EP that is set to release later this year. The edgy soul singer recently landed a huge publication with BILLBOARD with the release of ‘Slow It Down’ which warranted  national attention at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA – making both  smooth Blues and Funk lovers push for the artist to continue to pursue her passions in making that ‘feel-good’ vibe that the world can always use more of.
 So go ahead and “Slow It Down” – Click the Link: SLOW IT DOWN HERE!

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