Let’s talk about the dress code. What do you take that to mean? The dress code?

I’m not sure what you mean…

Everyone knows that Barbados is one of the few countries that actually enforces a restriction on Camo. What are your thoughts on this matter ?

Barbados is still in the infancy of it’s independence from the plantocracy. Therefore it’s hard for our government / Law to be able to appreciate art, design, creativity and fashion as it is practiced in the modern world. It’s not tangible enough for them I think. It’s all too airy-fairy and not full of enough sweat and suffering. So a natural result would be to completely ignore the role of fashion, art, and style where camouflage design, proliferation, popularity, and applications are concerned. That is to be expected. Actually it is a wonder that they haven’t outlawed “army green everything” for civilians as well. We count our blessings that we can still wear a cargo pants without fear of abuse! Perhaps in another 50 years or so things may be different, although at the current trajectory it is doubtful.

Why do you think the current government perpetuates this restrictions?

The current government is not unlike past governments in this respect and honestly cannot be expected to be different at all. So in short the current government perpetuates the same attitude and policy because these things don’t figure in the vision of a non-creative economy.

What is it like being a creative in the Caribbean?

Well the beach is inspiring. The starry night skies too. I don’t know what to tell you bro, the best thing a caribbean creative can do is travel i.e GTFOH. In Barbados you gotta inspire yourself. It’s ruff AF, even if you’re talented as RH, excuse my French.

About you, What would you say is the biggest hurdle you’ve had to cross to date?

Oh fam that’s so easy! Yes that would be being brilliant and broke! I had to cross that hurdle several times in my vagarious career. In fact as recently as this year I had to decide whether or not to weather it out, or not. Fortunately (or not) I have some privilege I can leverage so as to not starve my artist self completely and die and unnatural, untimely and unfulfilled death.

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