KARMA is a sensational new R&B artist from California that is taking the music and fashion world by storm! After dealing with countless hardships in her youth, KARMA has dedicated her life to bettering the world through her music and acts of kindness to random people. 


KARMA is best known for her one of a kind soulful pop voice, which many have described as “absolutely addictive”. On February 14, KARMA will be releasing 14 tracks that you’ll love through her debut album entitled GOOD KARMA. It’s a handful of feel-good songs with a few phenomenal slower tracks strategically placed throughout it. Her lead single “RayBanz” has already caught the ear of major execs at Universal Records. With her catchy songs and passion for fashion KARMA is sure to take over this year.


Jeremy Davis is the Founder. He enjoys traveling to far-off and distant places and trying the cuisine while getting to know the locals. He founded Flawless.Fab to showcase emerging Creatives in Fashion. Arts&Music. and Beauty.

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