Kimberly Waldropt, 29, CEO/Founder of Terra-Tory Skin. The Long Island Native is a descendant of Trinidadian & British Immigrants who graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Technical Design.

I’ve had the chance to to try their amazing soap the Avocado Maychang Bar and it blew my mind!Here’s our transcribed interview.



So it’s funny you chose this bar because this is my favorite bar!!! It contains real avocado purée. On my Instagram highlights I show you how it’s made. Go check it out! It’s a citrusy bar with creamy lather that is out of this world. Sometimes I lather up and turn off the shower and shave with it. It’s so luxurious. I try not to use the word “luxurious” to describe my bars because it puts a price on it. Or that there’s a certain demographic it’s targeted to but, it really is (luxurious). I don’t use SLS or parabens or any chemicals to promote a great lather. The secret is testing it, doing it again and again and again until you get it right.

 What motivated you to start the business?

As a black woman, all the odds are against me. At every Jewish owned company in the garment industry I worked for, I was underpaid, mistreated and last but not leas laid off with out any explanation.

For a while I was very lost in seeking out what my destiny was. I’ve always believed in God, I’ve always thought that Fashion “was my passion”. I was sadly mistaken, OBVIOUSLY! So I prayed, everyday that I was led onto the path that was chosen for me. And to let it be. I got fired from this job that was devouring my soul. And literally the next day I asked my mom (who once owned her own Apothecary business called “Not Just Candles”) I asked her, “How do you feel about me being the old family business back to life?” And when my mom agreed to it, I hit the ground running.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

FREEDOM!!! Freedom from waking up for SOMEONE ELSE’S dream to come true. The weight of someone else determining my worth lifted off my shoulders. I’m in charge of how much I make, when I work, how much work I actually want to do. Underpaid time away from my family. Having to take orders from someone else who doesn’t appreciate/value me. The excitement I get from knowing I get to go wild creatively. How limitless I can be. How many opportunities I can create. Instead of leaving my future in someone else’s hands.

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