“Celeste Drakes is an Author of the Chapbook ” Eva talks back”, she is also a Spoken word artist. She is apart of the organization Canvas Programs and has proudly recited poems for International Woman’s Day. Ms.Drakes aspires to teach spiritual healing in Afrocentric schools.” Her poem was exclusively published in the Spring 2019 Print edition of Flawless.Fab and Flawless.Fab Online. 

Black Privilege by Celeste Drakes

I had a conversation with God last night our appointment was at 4:00 am but he was sitting on his throne watching me slumber at 3:55

You don’t like yourself? But I worked so hard on you

She was designed to gracefully overcome her struggles like she flowers that grew out of the concrete. Did you forget that I can walk on water and that you’re a piece of me I designed you to breathe under water the divine ability to prosper despite the hell and high water like the flower that gracefully grew out of the concrete.

Proverb knew There is value, purpose and layers of depth in her struggle 31 to be exact.

Black Privilege

Never questions God she glows through what she goes through she’s the coconut oil in my hair that counts the number of hair on my head Their locks measured in prayers.

Love was her first language but she came out of the womb speaking in tounges she speaks Gods language her spirit was African descent before she entered the womb and her body was chosen to use as Gods canvas

She wears that melanin like the crown she does not need because royalty runs through her blood Of generational make up of her ancestors was more than enough to hold your melanin together because she is the foundation. the only thing her melanin cracks are chains when she prays.

When man wants to say no God says yes when because he opens doors for you that no man can shut

Black Privilege

Melanin radiates through her chakra

Don’t underestimate over stand you are capable don’t underestimate over stand you are more than capable

God was in her favour when Against all odds were against her just like how he created the sun to stand on gravity she was born flying when everyone else was crawling.



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