@paracosm unveils the enigmatic power of the black endeavor through mixed-media!

There has never been a better time than now to be an artist- whether in the digital space or through visual compelling concentrations, the artist is able to liberate their muses and create from the unknown.


What truly deserves attention and considerate praise- is the artist that pushes limitations in their work and brings life to their versions of even the most wickedly unusual versions of reality. @paracosm is the incredibly talented self-taught mastermind behind such types of compositions, blending the traditional opulence of African cultural references with some more current and familiar brands such as Adidas.

Dynamically crisp. Wildly authentic and bursting with devoted authenticity can help to describe some of his work- so go follow @paracosm on Instagram for more dope digital media that will simply take your breath away.


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